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Our People

William Moss

William Moss, MD, MPH

Executive Director

Research Interests: Infectious diseases; vaccine-preventable diseases; infectious disease epidemiology; child health; pediatrics; measles; HIV; malaria; complex emergencies; Africa; India

Daniel Ali

Daniel Ali, MBBS, PhD, MPH, MIAD

Assistant Research Scientist


Research Interests: Routine Immunization, Polio Eradication, Measles, Meningitis, Yellow fever, Tetanus Toxoid, COVID-19 vaccination campaigns

Anurima Baidya

Anurima Baidya, MBBS, MPH

Research Associate


Research Interests: COVID-19 vaccines, tuberculosis vaccines, data visualization, and epidemiology

Andrea Carcelén

Andrea Carcelén, PhD, MPH

Assistant Research Scientist


Research Interests: Infectious diseases; vaccine-preventable diseases; child health; immunization programs; vaccine hesitancy; serological surveillance

Victoria Chou

Victoria Chou, PhD, MS



Research Interests: Maternal, neonatal, and child health; Modeling; Program and impact evaluation; Clinical research; HIV/AIDS; Vaccine policy, advocacy, and communications; Technical advocacy

Svea Closser

Svea Closser, PhD, MPH

Associate Professor


Research Interests: medical anthropology; ethnographic methods; comparative ethnography; health systems; Primary Health Care; community health workers; disease eradication; vaccination; polio; COVID; vaccine hesitancy; human resources for health; Pakistan; India; Nepal; Ethiopia; Baltimore

Gatien De Broucker

Gatien De Broucker, MA, MHS

Health Economist


Research Interests: Economics, policy-making, health literacy, universal health coverage, health care, and vaccines

Baldeep Dhaliwal

Baldeep Dhaliwal, MSPH



Research Interests: India, PCV, vaccines, and health policy

Berhaun Fesshaye

Berhaun Fesshaye, MSPH

Research Associate


Research Interests: Maternal immunization, vaccines, vaccine hesistancy, and epidemiology

Onimitein Georgewill

Onimitein Georgewill, MSPH

Research Scientist


Research Interests: Tuberculosis vaccines, social and behavioral health, vaccine coverage equity, and immunization programs

Amelia Gerste

Amelia Gerste, MSPH

Sr. Program Coordinator


Research Interests: Vaccines, Rotavirus, advocacy, South Africa, TB, HIV, and India

Laura Hammitt

Laura Hammitt, MD


Research Interests: Epidemiology, pediatric infectious diseases, RSV, treptococcus pneumoniae, and Haemophilus influenzae

Alvira Hasan

Alvira Hasan, MSPH

Research Associate


Research Interests: Serosurveillance; Vaccination; Measles; India; Rubella; and project management

Melissa Higdon

Melissa Higdon, MPH

Research Associate


Research Interests: pneumonia, PCV, COVID-19 effectiveness, epidemiology,

Jasmine Huber

Jasmine Huber, M.Sc

Advocacy & Communications Officer


Research Interests: PCV, advocacy, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition, and infectious diseases

Marley Jurgensmeyer

Marley Jurgensmeyer, MPH

Research Associate

Research Interests: infectious diseases; vaccine-preventable diseases; child health; global health; vaccine data visualization

Maria Knoll

Maria Knoll, PhD

Director of Epidemiology


Research Interests: vaccines; international health; COVID-19; SARS-CoV-2; S. Pneumoniae; H. influenzae; RSV; meningococcus; HPV; pertussis; pneumonia; meningitis; vaccine preventable diseases; epidemiology; clinical trials; meta-analysis; pneumonia etiology; disease burden; vaccine impact; pneumococcal conjugate vaccine

Andrew Lahn

Andrew Lahn, MPH

Communications Specialist


Research Interests: Communications, infectious disease, vaccines, digital media, and social media

Rupali Limaye

Rupali Limaye, PhD, MPH, MA

Associate Professor


Research Interests: vaccine demand; vaccine hesitancy; vaccine acceptance; misinformation; risk communication; health behavior change; infectious diseases

Sara Loo

Sara Loo, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow


Research Interests: Applied mathematics, evolutionary dynamics, infectious diseases, modeling, genetics, evolutionary biology, and anthropology

Kayur Mehta

Kayur Mehta, MD, MSc.

Assistant Research Scientist


Research Interests: Infectious disease, epidemiology, maternal and child health, PCV, and childhood vacciation

Alexandra Michel

Alexandra Michel, MPH

Research Associate


Research Interests: Science communication, advocacy, health promotion, epidemiology, and data visualization

Emily Miller

Emily Miller, MGH

Research Associate


Research Interests: Education, workforce capacity, vaccine acceptance, curriculum design, experiential learning, and qualitative methods, and human-centered design

Sheri Morgan

Sheri Morgan, MPH

Research Associate


Research Interests: Epidemiology, infectious disease, mental health, social determinants of health, and project management

Kirthini Muralidharan

Kirthini Muralidharan, MPH

Research Associate


Research Interests: Vaccination coverage, impact data, data visualization, and vaccine introduction

Simon Mutembo

Simon Mutembo, MBCHB, PhD, MPH

Assistant Research Scientist


Research Interests: Serosurveillance, epidemiology, HIV, immunization programs, Zambia, TB, and child health

Bryan Patenaude

Bryan Patenaude, ScD

Health Economist


Research Interests: Economic Evaluation; Equity; Equity Measurement; Social Return-on-Investment; Sustainable Health Financing; Health Systems Strengthening; Vaccines; Infectious Disease; Economic Modeling; Econometrics; Distributional Analysis; Machine Learning; Microsimulation; Agent-Based Models; Behavioral Economics; Public Health Externalities; Causal Inference; HIV/AIDS; Health Workforce Incentive Design; Impact Evaluation; Social Welfare Models

Lois Privor-Dumm

Lois Privor-Dumm, MBA

Director, Adult Vaccines | Senior Advisor, Policy, Advocacy & Communications


Research Interests: vaccines; immunization policy; advocacy;  value of vaccines; vaccine hesitancy; India; low & middle income countries; adult vaccination; COVID-19; equity; global; Baltimore City; COVID-19 vaccination

Christine Prosperi

Christine Prosperi, ScM

Research Associate & Project Coordinator


Research Interests: Serosurveillance, pneumonia, study coordination, data management, data analysis, epidemiology, vaccines

Greg Rosen

Greg Rosen, PhD, MSPH

Assistant Research Scientist


Research Interests: Health systems; health interventions; HIV; Sexual health; immunization services; Africa; and HPV vaccines

Siddhaparna Sannigrahi

Siddhaparna Sannigrahi, MSPH

Research Scientist


Research Interests: HIV, India, community engagement, social and behavioral health interventions

Mathu Santosham

Mathu Santosham, MD, MPH

Senior Advisor


Research Interests: International Health; Epidemiologic studies of enteric infections; improved oral rehydration therapy; field testing of vaccines; h. influenzae tybe b; pneumococcal; neonatal health; Zinc supplementation; rotavirus

Koji Sato

Koji Sato, PhD

Senior Software Engineer

Research Interests: Software platforms for mathematical models of infectious disease dynamics; wireless Sensor networks applications

Jessica L. Schue

Jessica L. Schue, PhD, MPSH

Assistant Scientist


Research Interests: Infectious disease epidemiology, vaccine development, maternal vaccines, malaria, HIV, health disparities

Anita Shet

Anita Shet, MD, PhD

Director, Child Health


Research Interests: Child health; Vaccines; Childhood pneumonia; Dengue; Pediatric HIV; Pediatric infectious diseases

Prachi Singh

Prachi Singh

Research Program Coordinator


Research Interests: Vaccines, measles, zero-dose children, COVID-19 vaccination, and maternal health

Salin Sriudomporn

Salin Sriudomporn, MHS

Research Associate


Research Interests: Economic models of costing, financing, and funding gap for immunization programs

Charlice Thompson

Charlice Thompson

Budget Specialist
Shaun Truelove

Shaun Truelove, PhD, MPH

Assistant Research Scientist


Research Interests: infectious disease dynamics and modeling; infectious disease epidemiology; vaccination; humanitarian and refugee health

Azim Abdul Wahid

Azim Abdul Wahid, MSPH

Research Data Analyst

Research Interests: Vaccine equity (getting vaccines to under-vaccinated populations); HIV and STI prevention and treatment; and neglected tropical diseases, specifically dengue virus


Brian Wahl

Brian Wahl, PhD



Research Interests: Infectious disease epidemiology; Health systems; India

Rose Weeks

Rose Weeks, MPH

Research Associate


Research Interests: Qualitative research, vaccine confidence, social media, chatbots, and communications

Natalie Wertz

Natalie Wertz, BS

Grants and Contracts Analyst
Amy Wesolowshi

Amy Wesolowski, PhD

Assistant Professor


Research Interests: Epidemiology; infectious disease dynamics; vaccine-preventable diseases; modeling; and data analysis

Victoria Willens

Victoria Willens, MPH

Research Associate


Research Interests: Advocacy, communications, HPV, brain health, dementia, and journalism

Chizoba Wonodi

Chizoba Wonodi, Dr.PH, MBBS, MPH

Associate Research Scientist


Research Interests: Nigeria, immunization service delivery, vaccine uptake, advocacy, vaccine access, sustainable financing, and health systems

Megan Wysong

Megan Wysong, MPH

Senior Research Associate


Research Interests: HPV; PCV; Cancer screening; and advocacy

Jade Yangyupei Yang

Jade Yangyupei Yang, MHS

Research Analyst


Research Interests: Epidemiology; Data analysis; infectious diseases; and vaccination