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Study of Rampant Youth-Targeted Advertising Receives Silver Anthem Award

Prizewinning work analyzes the extensive presence of youth-targeted cigarette advertising in low- and middle-income around the world

Jared Earley

The third annual Anthem Awards were announced on January 30, 2024, and the Institute for Global Tobacco Control received a silver medal in the category of “Health - Research Projects or Publications” for Spinning a Global Web, a project conducted in partnership with the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids.  

Representing the most expansive analysis of point-of-sale cigarette advertising in low- and middle-income countries to date, the study monitored and reported on the specific marketing tactics and frequency by which multinational tobacco companies target youth worldwide.  

The massive collection of data includes 19,500 point of sale observations near schools and playgrounds in 42 countries across six World Health Organization regions—the results of which suggest a coordinated, global effort by multinational tobacco companies to target kids. 

Disseminated via a published paper, video, lecture, research brief, and press coverage in 80+ global news outlets, the findings underscore the necessity of comprehensive tobacco advertising and promotion bans in countries throughout the world.