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Public Health Litigation


The Center has pioneered the idea that litigation can serve as a tool to protect and promote the public’s health, with a focus on areas including motor vehicle safety, alcohol policy, and consumer protection. Center faculty published the early scholarship that established the framework for conceptualizing litigation as a means to protect the public’s health.

Selected Publications:

  • Rutkow L, Teret SP. Role of state attorneys general in health policy. JAMA. 2010;304(12):1377-1378.
  • Vernick JS, Rutkow L, Salmon DA. Availability of litigation as a public health tool for firearm injury prevention: comparison of guns, vaccines, and motor vehicles. Am J Public Health. 2007;97(11):1991-1997.
  • Vernick JS, Sapsin JW, Teret SP, Mair JS. How litigation can promote product safety. J Law Med Ethics. 2004;32(4):551-555.
  • Vernick JS, Mair JS, Teret SP, Sapsin JW. Role of litigation in preventing product-related injuries. Epidemiol Rev. 2003;25:90-98.
  • Teret SP. Litigating for the public’s health. Am J Public Health. 1986;76(8):1027-1029.