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gun & cuffs

The Center researches the use of law as a tool to minimize and prevent firearm-related violence. In conjunction with the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, Center faculty have evaluated laws and regulations designed to prevent firearm-related crime, injuries, and deaths. The Center also examines constitutional issues related to firearm laws as well as litigation strategies intended to reduce firearm-related violence.

Selected Publications:

  • Vernick JS, Rutkow L, Webster DW, Teret SP. Changing the constitutional landscape for firearms: the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent Second Amendment decisions. Am J Public Health. 2011;101(11):2021-2026.
  • Vernick JS, Alcorn T, Horwitz J. Background checks for all gun buyers and gun violence restraining orders: state efforts to keep guns from high-risk persons. J Law Med Ethics. 2017;45(1 Suppl):98-102.
  • McCourt AD, Vernick JS, Betz ME, Brandspigel S, Runyan CW. Temporary transfer of firearms from the home to prevent suicide: legal obstacles and recommendations. JAMA Intern Med. 2017;177(1):96-101.
  • Crifasi CK, Meyers JS, Vernick JS, Webster DW. Effects of changes in permit-to-purchase handgun laws in Connecticut and Missouri on suicide rates. Prev Med. 2015;79:43-49.
  • Vernick JS. Carrying guns in public: legal and public health implications. J Law Med Ethics. 2013;41(Suppl 1): 84-87.