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Effect of Interorganizational Relationships and Infrastructure Variation on Public Health System Efforts to Address Prescription Drug Abuse

This study's goal is to understand the role of interorganizational relationships, information sharing, and legally established infrastructure on prescription drug monitoring programs' (PDMPs) function and impact within the public health system. The study's aims are: 1) examine how interorganizational relationships among states' public health, substance abuse, and criminal justice agencies affect PDMPs' structure and operations; 2) assess how the scope and clarity of legal powers specified in authorizing legislation, enforcement authority, and assigned duties of PDMPs affect their ability to function effectively within the public health system; and 3) determine how PDMPs' infrastructure affects their ability to address diversion of prescription drugs and associated morbidity and mortality. Support for this research is provided by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Public Health Services and Systems Research).

Project Materials