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Sponsoring Foundations

Sponsoring Foundations

Our sponsors are critical contributors to the initiation and sustainable development of the Center through funding and active participation in Center activities.

Pulse (PUSI) Healthcare and Technology Foundation (PHTF)

PHTF will support the Center to establish a branch with a local partner, Fudan University, in Hefei, China. The city of Hefei (capital of Anhui Province), located in the middle of China's mainland, is a medically underserved area due to a lack of superior medical professionals. Patients often travel hundreds of miles to Shanghai to obtain adequate medical care.

PHTF was established by the school-enterprise team of Tsinghua University, which focuses on healthcare-related education and academic activities. Fully aligned with the mission of the Center, the partnership is aiming to implement and promote more efficient hospital management models, innovative healthcare workforce training platforms, and knowledge exchange with top academic centers internationally. Ultimately, the partnership is expected to enhance many aspects of the existing healthcare reform and achieve the goals of Healthy China 2030.

The Center, together with our local Fudan partner, envision to carry out the following tasks with the branch in Hefei High-tech District:

  1. To establish cooperation with well-known institutions in China to set up a training platform for various healthcare professionals in Anhui and nationally.

  2. To train researchers on crucial health reform topics in China, such as primary care and hospital management and health service models.

  3. To promote cooperation and exchanges between China and international hospitals.

The Hongrand Healthcare Foundation

The Hongrand Healthcare Foundation strives to improve the health quality and well-being of people in developing countries through promoting economically and culturally suitable healthcare models of each region. It has supported the initiation of the Center.

Shennong Health and Education Foundation

Founded by a group of health professionals in China, the Foundation’s vision is to eradicate health inequality through training of healthcare professionals and innovative care delivery models.