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Free Friday Online Clinics for Bloomberg School Graduate Students

From 10:30 to noon most Fridays, the Center offers free online clinics via Teams to help Bloomberg students with data issues related to theses, dissertations, and research for which the student is lead author. (See more eligibility information and FAQs below). The signup link is only active on the day of clinic between 9:30-11:30am. To ensure everyone gets the help they need, space is limited to six students per clinic. 

“I liked that during the biostatistics consultations not only were solutions presented during consultation, but why the solutions were appropriate was also shared. I felt like I learned a lot during the short sessions.” 

How to Use Our Center: 

  1. Sign Up Here 

  • You can sign up any time between 9:30 and 11:30 on the day of the clinic  

  • Clinics start on Fridays at 10:30 and finish at noon 

  • If spots are available, you’ll receive a Teams note from the consultant with further information 

  • Your session will last about 20-30 minutes 

  1. How to Prepare 

  • Be on time online and available by Teams  

  • Have ready any information to help the consultant understand your work, such as a description of your research hypotheses; population to be sampled or included in existing source data, outcomes measured and to be analyzed, and questions of interest. 

  • Check here for cancellations 

FAQs About Friday Clinics for Bloomberg School Graduate Students

Who is eligible?

Bloomberg School graduate students can get help on research for a thesis, dissertation, or other individual research on which they are the lead author. MPH students are NOT eligible for capstone project assistance because they have dedicated support for these projects.

What help is offered?
  • Study design considerations and sample size/power calculations 

  • Organization of data for statistical analysis 

  • Statistical analysis approaches 

  • Assistance with implementing, interpreting, and communicating analyses in statistical software (STATA, SAS, R)

What help is NOT offered?

The Center does not consult on coursework and MPH capstone projects, and our Friday clinics do not replace statistical oversight by the student’s academic committee or research mentor. Please do not contact the consultants outside the clinic time.