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Get Free Help With Grant Preparation

Support for grant preparation can initially be provided through an ICTR request for up to 5 free hours of consultation.

If additional support is required, fee-for-service contracts can be coordinated for biostatistics or data capture/management.

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What We Offer


  • Study design
  • Clarification of study objectives and hypotheses (with respect to measurements)
  • Sample size and power calculations
  • Statistical analysis plan
  • Write-up of sample size and power calculations and statistical methods
  • Revisions to grant application based on reviewer comments


  • Review of data capture and management approach
  • Data security and backup

JHBC Inclusion in a Grant Application

JHBC biostatisticians and data managers can be included as support in a grant application for collaboration or limited participation based on the needs of the research study.

If the study requires biostatistics and/or data management support in the projected study, a senior biostatistician and/or the DISC manager, respectively, can discuss with the Principal Investigator (PI) the types and timing of support needed. They will then provide an estimate of the cost of that support over the life of the study that can be included as a line item in the grant. If needed, the estimate can be split up based on tasks to be provided in different years of the study. REDCap support will be handled similarly based on the REDCap pricing and the number of months the database access/support is required. Biostatistics and data management support can be combined into one estimate. The estimate of support is based on current costs and may change over the life of the study.

JHBC administrative staff will include this estimate in a letter of support addressed to the PI and will provide a description of JHBC and its services to include with the grant. To prepare this letter of support, JHBC needs the following information:

  • PI’s name and mailing address
  • Grant application title
  • Length of study

The senior biostatistician and/or DISC manager will provide the estimates and timeframes for this support letter as discussed with the PI. A letter of support will only be provided if JHBC has a defined role in the study.

If the study requires a level of biostatistics and/or data management support from one or more biostatisticians/data managers over the life of the study, a collaboration agreement can be prepared. This type of agreement generally lists these biostatisticians/data managers as key personnel in the grant, and should be coordinated with the Executive Director for Biostatistics, or Andre Hackman for DISC. They will evaluate the biostatistician’s/data manager’s availability. The PI will then need to submit a faculty collaboration request, which will then be confirmed by the biostatistician or data manager requested and their managers.

Timeframe Guidelines

The PI should allow 2-12 weeks for assistance with the grant application, depending on the complexity of the support required in the study and the level of involvement required by JHBC personnel for the grant application’s preparation. Requests for assistance without adequate lead time will not allow JHBC to help provide an effective submission.

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