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Journal Articles - 2011

Andreis M, Elf J, Johns P, Carvalho A, Jie Y, Apelberg B. Air quality in bars of São Paulo/Brazil before and after the smoke-free law in indoor placesRevista Brasileira de Cancerologia; 57(3):315-320 (2011). 

Chen Y, Xing W. Quantity, quality and regional price variation of cigarettes: Demand analysis based on a household survey in ChinaChina Economic Review; 22(2):221-232 (2011). 

Donaldson EA, Waters HR, Arora M, Varghese B, Dave P, Modi D. A cost-effectiveness analysis of India's 2008 prohibition of smoking in public places in GujaratInternational Journal of Research and Public Health; 8(5):1271-1286 (2011). 

Shahrir S, Wipfli H, Avila-Tang E, Breysse P, Samet J, Navas-Acien A, et al. Tobacco sales and promotion in bars, cafes, and nightclubs from large cities around the world. Tobacco Control; 20(4):285-290 (2011).