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Journal Articles - 2009

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Rudin CM, Avila-Tang E, Boffetta P, Hannan LM, Olivo-Marston S, Thun MJ, Rudin CM. Lung cancer in never smokers: Clinical epidemiology and environmental risk factorsClinical Cancer Research; 15(18):5626-5645 (2009).

Rudin CM, Avila-Tang E, Harris CC, Herman JG, Hirsch FR, Pao W, et al. Lung cancer in never smokers: Molecular profiles and therapeutic implicationsClinical Cancer Research; 15(18):5646-5661 (2009). 

Rudin CM, Avila-Tang E, Samet JM. Lung cancer in never smokers: A call to actionClinical Cancer Research; 15(18):5622-5625 (2009). 

Smith KC, Bone L, Clay EA, Owings K, Thames S, Stillman FA. Partnering with education and job and training programs for sustainable tobacco control among Baltimore African-American young adultsProgress in Community Health Partnerships; 3(1):9-17 (2009).