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Journal Articles - 2007

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Smith SY, Curbow B, Stillman FA. Harm perception of nicotine products in college freshmenNicotine & Tobacco Research; 9(9):977-982 (2007).

Smith KC, Stillman FA, Bone L, Yancey N, Belin P, Price E. The informal exchange of cigarettes as a challenging community characteristic: Bumming loosies in BaltimoreJournal of Urban Health; 84(4):494-507 (2007).

Stillman FA, Bone L, Avila-Tang E, Smith K, Yancey N, Street C, Owings K. Barriers to cessation in inner city African-AmericansAmerican Journal of Public Health; 97(8):1405-1408 (2007).

Stillman FA, Navas-Acien A, Ma J, Ma S, Avila-Tang E, Breysse P, et al. Second-hand tobacco smoke in public places in urban and rural ChinaTobacco Control; 16(4):229-234 (2007).