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World No Tobacco Day 2020


World No Tobacco Day 2020 took place on May 31, with the theme of protecting youth from industry manipulation and preventing them from using tobacco and nicotine products. The global World No Tobacco Day campaign debunked myths and exposed devious tactics employed by the tobacco industry. Oranizations around the world worked to equip youth with the tools to reject these tactics, thereby empowering young people to stand up against tobacco industry tactics. This is especially important now as studies show that smokers have a higher risk for a severe case of COVID-19. WHO calls on all young people to become the first tobacco-free generation.

The Institute for Global Tobacco Control shared information throughout May to support the World No Tobacco Day theme. Our faculty and staff work to prevent death and disease from tobacco products by generating evidence to support effective tobacco control interventions. Through infographics and videos, we hoped to raise awareness of tobacco industry manipulation in countries around the world.

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