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China Leadership Program 2019


The Tobacco Control Leadership Program in Chongqing, China, took place in November 2019. About 400 people took part in a joint session with participants in the 2019 Cross Strait Conference. Presentations in this session focused on Healthy China 2030. The speakers included Mao Qunan from the National Health Commission and Gauden Galea from the World Health Organization (WHO).

The participants also heard from local level officials in a panel discussion which emphasized the need for strong leadership on tobacco control issues. Later in the day, nearly 100 participants took part in the leadership-specific portion of the program. Representing 31 provinces and 12 cities, the participants all sit at the Deputy Director level and above.

JSHPH staff worked with their collaborative partners, the National Health Commission and the WHO-China office and other partner organizations comprising the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use.