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The Johns Hopkins Center for Prevention and Early Intervention

The Center for Prevention and Early Intervention is a collaborative effort between the JHU Bloomberg School of Public Health and our community and university partners in prevention and early intervention across the country. The Center has been supported by the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the Institute of Education Sciences over its life.

The mission of the Center has and continues to be (1) to improve school-based preventive and early treatment interventions for children and adolescents by bridging epidemiologic, intervention, services, and dissemination and training research through the development of a research structure and research strategies capable of evaluating the effectiveness and sustainability of promising and evidence based interventions; (2) to identify factors that inhibit or facilitate improved prevention and treatment practices and outcomes; (3) to disseminate the knowledge gained in order to improve prevention and treatment research and dissemination and training practices; and (4) to develop within our collaborating community partners the capacity to carry out and disseminate state of the art prevention and early intervention research and evaluations.

The Center for Prevention and Early Intervention builds on the foundation laid by the Johns Hopkins Prevention Intervention Research Center (1985-2001) led by Dr. Sheppard Kellam, which provided the basis for two generations of school-based, preventive intervention field trials in Baltimore and their ongoing follow-ups into adulthood.