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Our Team

Executive Leadership Team

Cassandra Crifasi headshot

Cass Crifasi, PhD '14, MPH


Cass Crifasi, PhD '14, MPH, studies how evidence-based policies and programs can reduce violence and advance equity.

Joshua Horwitz profile picture

Joshua Horwitz, JD


Josh Horwitz, JD, works to reduce gun violence by utilizing public health research and health equity analysis to build advocacy campaigns that meet critical opportunities in the policy development process.

Michelle Spencer headshot

Michelle Spencer, MS

Deputy Director of Equity and Community Partnerships

Michelle Spencer, MS, is a public health practitioner who focuses on the impacts of health equity, racial disparities, and health outcomes through community-based initiatives.


Photo of Rebecca Shore

Rebecca Shore, MPH

Director of Operations

Rebecca leads human resources, financial management, staff allocation, process and systems improvement, people management, and other functions to ensure an efficient and effective Center.

Team Leads

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Christina Bailey

Senior Administrative Coordinator

Leads administrative efforts to keep the Center running smoothly. 

Katherine Hoops headshot

Katherine Hoops, MD, MPH '10

Director of Practice, Core Faculty

Studies how clinicians and hospitals can act to reduce youth violence and injury while promoting resilience and equity


Joseph McHugh

Director of Communications

Empowering diverse voices, improving awareness, and fostering change to communicate our vision of a future free from the shadows of gun violence.

Jen Pauliukonis headshot

Jen Pauliukonis, MPH '22

Director of Policy and Programming

Strengthens state movement building efforts across the country through a program supporting state-level gun violence prevention advocates.

Sarah Rhyins headshot

Sarah Rhyins

Director of Development

Oversees the fundraising for the Center, raising income to support its mission to reduce gun violence in all its forms.

Kelly Roskam headshot

Kelly Roskam, JD

Director of Law and Policy

Studies the constitutional implications of, advocates for, and works to improve the implementation of firearms laws.

Silvia Villarreal headshot

Silvia Villarreal, MPP

Director of Research Translation

Translates research into evidence-based policy proposals and reports to craft gun violence policy solutions from a public health perspective.

Sylvia Washington Headshot

Sylvia C Washington, PhD

Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Partnerships

Applies an intersectional lens to ensure diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism are centered in gun violence research, advocacy, and assessment. 

Our Team

Ethan Bartlett headshot

Ethan Bartlett

Research Data Analyst

Works to reduce and prevent gun violence through research translation in conjunction with research, advocacy, and policy endeavors throughout the Center.

Molly Burger, MA

State Affairs Manager

Supports the Center's advocacy efforts to pass evidence-based gun violence prevention policies in state legislatures across the country.

Jacquelyn Campbell headshot

Jacquelyn Campbell, PhD, RN, FAAN

Core Faculty

Has been conducting policy, advocacy and nursing research on the mental and physical health outcomes of experiencing violence, especially intimate partner violence, including risk factors for intimate partner homicide for 30 years.

Spencer Cantrell headshot

Spencer Cantrell, JD

Senior Advisor for Implementation

Uses her experience representing survivors to implement equitable and impactful gun violence prevention policies across the country. 

Tim Carey headshot

Tim Carey, JD

Law & Policy Advisor

Operates at the intersection of legal, legislative, and research realms to protect civil rights and reduce gun violence in an equitable manner.

Hyunjin Cho headshot

Hyunjin Cho, PhD

Foundation Relations Associate

Supports the fundraising efforts for the Center, obtaining grants and foundation funding to prevent gun violence.

Kathryn Fleisher headshot

Kathryn Fleisher

Assistant Policy Advisor

Brings public health and community organizing background to her work to support the implementation of policies to save lives and build healthier communities.

Shannon Frattaroli headshot

Shannon Frattaroli, PhD '99, MPH '94

Core Faculty

Translates evidence about injury and violence prevention into policies and practices that will create safe places for people to thrive.

Lisa Geller headshot

Lisa Geller, MPH

Senior Advisor for Implementation

Studies policies to reduce gun violence and uses research to implement evidence-based gun policies at the state level.

Lori Haas headshot

Lori Haas

Advocacy Manager

Advocates for policies, programs, intervention and prevention strategies, and funding for those efforts across disciplines by forging partnerships with a wide variety of stakeholders. Lori brings a lived perspective to her work as a survivor of gun violence.

Asia Johnson headshot

Asia Johnson

Administrative Coordinator

Supports administrative and operations efforts to keep the Center running smoothly.

Odis Johnson headshot

Odis Johnson, PhD

Core Faculty

Studies social policy and data science with racial equity and justice for young people in focus.

Vanya Jones headshot

Vanya Jones, PhD '06, MPH

Core Faculty

Employs social and behavioral science methods to create, implement, and evaluate behavior change programs.

Shakun Kaushal headshot

Shakun Kaushal

Digital Communications Specialist

Supports gun violence prevention through social media and all digital-based initiatives at the Center.

Rose Kim headshot

Rose Kim, MPA

Assistant Policy Advisor

Researches and advocates for evidence-based policies to reduce gun violence in local communities.

Alex McCourt headshot

Alex McCourt, JD, PhD '19, MPH

Core Faculty

Examines firearm policy, opioid policy, and other areas affected by the relationships between law and the public's health.


Amanda Myers

Senior Development Coordinator

Supports individual donations, large gifts, and fundraising efforts for the Center. 

Paul Nestadt headshot

Paul Nestadt, MD

Core Faculty

Uses clinical concepts and research to advance public health approaches to suicide prevention, including risk assessment, novel treatments, and consideration of access to lethal means.

Mallory O'Brien headshot

Mallory O'Brien, PhD, MS

Core Faculty

Focuses at the intersection of public health and public safety to establish policy and practice improvements both with-in and across systems with positive implications for communities. 


Jenique Reid headshot

Jenique Reid, MPH

Research Program Coordinator

Supports gun violence prevention-based research initiatives throughout the Center. 


Bushra Sabri headshot

Bushra Sabri, PhD, MSW, BSC (HONS)

Core Faculty

Research focuses on lifetime cumulative exposures to violence, including intimate partner violence and stress caused by experiencing health inequities, particularly among minority and immigrant women.  

Kari Still headshot

Kari Still, JD

Law & Policy Advisor

Devises strategies for implementing evidence-based gun policies and analyzes Second Amendment and other constitutional challenges to firearms laws and the historical and scholarly record supporting their constitutionality.

Elizabeth Stuart headshot

Elizabeth Stuart, PhD

Core Faculty

Uses statistical methods to help learn about the effects of public health programs and policies, often with a focus on mental health and substance use.

Kristen Ukeomah headshot

Kristen Ukeomah

Senior Research Program Coordinator

Applying a social equity lens on gun violence prevention research efforts across various projects within the Center.

Jon Vernick headshot

Jon Vernick, JD, MPH '94

Core Faculty

Promotes and evaluates the ways the law can be used as a tool to promote public health, particularly in the areas of injury and violence prevention.

Daniel Webster headshot

Daniel Webster, ScD '91, MPH

Distinguished Research Scholar

Studies policies and programs intended to reduce gun violence and teaches public health approaches to violence prevention.

Hossein Zare headshot

Hossein Zare, PhD, MS

Core Faculty

Researches health and racial disparities, income inequality, neighborhoods and violence, and hospital community benefits to improve health access.

Affiliate Faculty

Mark Dredze headshot

Mark Dredze, PhD, MS

Affiliate Faculty

Studies natural language processing and artificial intelligence and their application to problems in public health and medicine.


Dylan Jackson headshot

Dylan Jackson, PhD, MS

Affiliate Faculty

Focuses on fostering the health and well-being of children and youth in the face of violence, adversity, and exposure to the criminal justice system.

Pre and Post Doctoral Fellows

Nicholas Meyerson headshot

Nicholas Meyerson, MA

PhD Candidate

Fourth-year PhD candidate who studies gun violence prevention with an emphasis on place-based and racial/ethnic disparities.

Hakim Stovall headshot

Hakim A. Stovall, DSS, MS

Postdoctoral Fellow

A prevention scientist whose aim is to use research principles to analyze social systems, draw conclusions, and implement strategies to address Gun Violence.

Carla Tilchin headshot

Carla Tilchin, MSPH

PhD Candidate

Conducts mixed-methods research evaluating community violence interventions.

Rachel Topazian

 PhD Candidate

Studying violence and injury prevention as a graduate research assistant.

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