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Graduate coursework

Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis (CTES) is a methodologically-oriented track housed in the Department of Epidemiology. CTES is devoted to the promotion of clinical trials and epidemiological methods to synthesize evidence to evaluate preventive, therapeutic and diagnostic health interventions. The track's mission is to guide and inspire research, scholarship and intellectual engagement, in the Johns Hopkins community and globally.

Clinical Trials Certificate Program

Clinical trials are a key tool in the evaluation of new strategies for prevention and treatment of disease. This certificate program focuses primarily on the design and analysis of randomized clinical trials for evaluation of licensed and non-licensed medical products and other health interventions, the regulatory framework for the conduct and evaluation of data from clinical trials, and ethical principles for the conduct of clinical trials.

Coursera: Clinical Trials Operations

Build skills for conducting successful and impactful clinical trials.

Research In Progress

Students deliver Research In Progress presentations to showcase their research and receive real-time feedback towards their educational and research goals.