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Our faculty engage in research, evidence synthesis, and methodology development, design, and coordination across a diverse array of health issues. Our faculty are experts in the conduct and optimization of clinical trials, conducting research activities and providing services that advance excellence in evidence-based health care. We serve as a coordinating center for highly complex, multi-site, and international trials, collaborating with peers to design, conduct, and synthesize high-quality studies across diverse disciplines. We invite peers and students to connect, collaborate, or consult with our faculty. Explore their individual areas of interest and ongoing projects. 

Our Work

Clinical trials

Our Center both conducts and coordinates clinical trials, observational studies, cohort studies, and more. Across diverse health care topics, our researchers and students investigate the safety and effectiveness of interventions and the variables that affect health. To connect with an expert in your area of interest or collaborate on a trial, explore our faculty research.  

Trial coordination

The Center serves as a coordinating center for complex, multi-site, and international trials, collaborating with peers around the world to design, conduct, and synthesize high-quality studies across an array of health topics. 

Evidence synthesis

Our Center conducts systematic reviews and meta-analyses of data and findings from published literature to synthesize findings and inform clinical practice. 


Our faculty offer expertise in coordinating, applying, and developing conventional and innovative methodologies for conducting and reporting clinical trials and systematic reviews. We design, deploy, and teach the full spectrum of investigative methodologies related to clinical trials, evidence syntheses, and related reporting. Through the Trial Advisor Program, our expert faculty consult with peers on study design, trial operations, and analysis plans.  

Graduate training

The Center offers graduate-level training within the Department of Epidemiology. Students can enroll in introductory and advanced courses in clinical trials, data management, and trial analysis techniques across a range of health care disciplines as well as courses in epidemiologic methods, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and network meta-analysis. Learn more about the Clinical Trials and Evidence Synthesis track and the Clinical Trials Certificate Program

Our Research

Design and conduct of clinical trials
Infectious diseases
Lung and cardiovascular health
Maternal and child health
Mental health
Neurological health