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The ALACRITY Center investigators partner with other colleagues and organizations to promote health and longevity for persons with serious mental illness. Please visit our Community Advisory Board page to see a list of current members.


ALACRITY Center team members gathered together at the 2023 NAMI Walks event

NAMIWalks Maryland

On May 20th, 2023, ALACRITY Center faculty and staff participated in NAMI Maryland's annual NAMIWalks event to support Mental Health for All.

World Health Organization Guidelines & Publications

ALACRITY Director Dr. Gail Daumit has held impactful national and international roles in mental health services. In 2018, she participated in the World Health Organization Guideline Development Group for Guidelines on Management of Physical Health Conditions in Adults with Severe Mental Disorders.



As one of several funded NIMH ALACRITY Centers, Johns Hopkins ALACRITY Center investigators look forward to working with colleagues across the country on important topics of shared interest in mental health services research to increase the impact of all ALACRITY Centers.