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Events at the Welch Center

The Welch Center hosts recurring events and learning opportunities throughout the academic year. Visit the links below to find full schedules and contact information.

Clinical Research Grand Rounds at the Welch Center


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Clinical Research Grand Rounds provides an opportunity for Welch Center faculty and guest scientists to present the results of ongoing, planned, and completed epidemiological, clinical, and translational research. This weekly conference is open to anyone in the Johns Hopkins Community and is often attended by faculty, trainees, and students from the Schools of Public Health and Medicine. The Welch Center hosts several guest speakers from outside the Center and outside the University each year. Master's and doctoral students in the clinical epidemiology and cardiovascular epidemiology concentrations are required to attend. 

Through the forum of Clinical Research Grand Rounds, the Welch Center enhances knowledge of the fields of clinical epidemiology and patient-oriented research, and provides an intellectual platform for discussions of innovative ideas and methods in different disciplines, specialties, and subspecialties represented in the Schools of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing. 

Clinical Research Grand Rounds sessions begin with a 5-minute presentation on various innovative tools and resources. These presentations are known as Research Pearls and typically cover data services, library and information services, informatics, research cores, centers, etc., that others have used and have found helpful in their research. The presentations seek to introduce practical solutions and innovative methods to increase efficiency in research.

Grand Rounds follow a hybrid format, Zoom and in person in the Powe Room.

Welch Center Research Seminar (Journal Club)


12-12:15 p.m.- Informal Gathering Over Lunch (Attendees are invited to bring their lunch) 
12:15-1:15 p.m.- Research Seminar

Clinical Epidemiology Track are required to attend (course number: 340.871) 

Open to any interested trainee or faculty member. Master's and doctoral students in the Cardiovascular and Clinical Epidemiology Tracks are required to attend (course number: 340.871). 

Each week, articles with a clinical epidemiology focus are selected by different presenters. Both students and faculty members participate in leading discussions of the papers. Often, the Welch Center Research Seminar (Journal Club) becomes a forum for the discussion of the appropriate use of statistical analytic methods for various study designs. 

 2023-2024 SCHEDULE

How to Journal Review 

First Time Journal Club Tips 

JAMA Series on Step-by=Step Critical Appraisal 

Welch Center Research in Progress (RIP) Seminars


 2023-2024 SCHEDULE

The goal of these seminars is to provide a forum for students and fellows in the Cardiovascular and Clinical Epidemiology Track to present their planned or ongoing research and obtain feedback from faculty and peers. The focus of the trainee seminars will be on issues related to the design of epidemiologic studies, data collection, statistical analysis, and drawing causal inferences from epidemiologic studies. Trainees receive early faculty feedback on research projects and gain skills and confidence in delivering research presentations. 

Master's and doctoral students in the track of Cardiovascular and Clinical Epidemiology are required to attend.  

PhD students in the track are required to present their dissertation proposals at this seminar.  

The seminar occasionally hosts presentations or panel discussion by faculty on topics related to career and professional development and research skills. 

Welch Center Interest Groups

Welch Center hosts a number of Interest Groups that meet on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Topics for discussion include journal article reviews, preliminary research ideas, discussion of new grant ideas or opportunities, research project presentations with preliminary or final analyses, and guest speaker presentations.  

Current Interest Group Seminars include: