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R³ Center for Innovation in Science Education (R³ISE)

Since its launch in 2017, the R³ Center for Innovation in Science Education (R³ISE) has grown from offering innovative coursework on the first principles of science to serving a global community of scientist-educators. Made possible through a generous gift by the Katharine E. Welsh Foundation, the R³ISE Center produces a comprehensive portfolio of educational experiences available to the Bloomberg School and the entire Johns Hopkins community. 

Through its many partnerships, the R³ISE Center’s influence extends far beyond Johns Hopkins to a national and global network of affiliated institutions.  

Reforming Graduate Education in Science 

The R³ Center develops and disseminates innovative graduate-level programs, workshops, and resources that emphasize the “3Rs” of open science and good research practice: 

  • Rigorous research conduct 
  • Reproducibility of scientific methods and findings 
  • Responsibility of scientists to society 

Through research and collaborations with a network of national and international partners, we are transforming science and health education around the world

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