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Dr. David Sack: An Introduction to Cholera Vaccine

This is an easy-to-follow introductory lecture and slide show about the history and current status of the oral vaccine for cholera. Given by Dr. David Sack, a long-time expert in cholera, this lecture covers the latest developments in deciding when, where and how to use oral cholera vaccine to prevent cholera deaths (16 min). 

Dr. David Sack: Instructions for Using the Cholera Dipstick

 This video presentation by Dr. David Sack provides easy-to-follow instructions on the use of the Crystal VC dipstick test to test a fecal specimen for the presence of vibrio cholera. The video covers direct and enriched tests (12 min).

Defeat Diarrheal Diseases

How can we attack diarrheal disease from all angles and improve millions of lives? Defeat DD has a brief video on working together and integrating approaches to defeat diarrheal diseases (2 min).


WHO: Oral Cholera Vaccine, One of the Crucial Tools to Prevent Cholera

A short film explaining how the use of OCV is an additional tool to classic cholera control measures that should be systematically considered in both endemic countries as well as during outbreaks and emergencies (3 min).

Global Health Media: The Story of Cholera

A simple animated video tells the story of a young boy who helps a health worker save his father's life. This powerful film is available in 28 languages! Learn more about the film here (4 min). 

Dhaka's Cholera Wars

An AlJazeera documentary about cholera in the city of Dhaka and the work of icddr,b's Dhaka Hospital in fighting it (25 min).

Oral cholera vaccines: A mass vaccination campaign


A video documenting the planning and implementation of the 2009 mass vaccination campaign in Zanzibar (13 min, 23 sec).

First use of Gavi Cholera Stockpile - Cameroon 2015

A short film explaining how Gavi came to support a global vaccine stockpile, and showing the impact this has had on the vaccine market and in Cameroon where it was first deployed (3 min).