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StopCholera Toolkit


Cholera is a disease of inequity – an ancient illness that today sickens and kills the poorest and the most vulnerable.

Cholera causes severe watery diarrhoea and may result in death from dehydration (loss of water and salts from the body) within hours if not treated. Each year about 2.9 million  people suffer from cholera, and about 95,000 of them die from this preventable disease. The map of cholera is essentially the same as the map of poverty. Most are poor, live in conditions with poor water quality and sanitation, and often do not have access to treatment when they become ill. Those who become ill are often the most difficult to reach. Cholera can be controlled with a multi-sector approach—including basic water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services, and oral cholera vaccines (OCV).

The StopCholera Toolkit is a collection of practical resources and how-to guides created by the Delivering Oral Cholera Vaccine Effectively (DOVE) Project. The purpose of this toolkit is to help decide if, when, where, and how to use oral cholera vaccine to reduce cholera mortality, prevent cases, and halt outbreaks.

This Toolkit is organized into several modules. 

  • Cholera Basics
    This module contains general cholera information including a glossary, fact sheets, important links, and a self-administered health facility capacity assessment. 
  • Oral Cholera Vaccine (OCV) Basics
    This module contains information on cholera vaccines, including an introductory video, ethical use, use in pregnancy and integration approaches. 
  • Tools for Deciding Whether to Use OCV
    This module contains tools to assist the decision to use a cholera vaccine, including different scenarios and risk assessment tools, and the vaccine introduction cost-effectiveness (VICE) calculator. 
  • Manual for Oral Cholera Vaccination Campaigns
    This standalone manual serves as a guide for developing training sessions in preparation for carrying out oral cholera vaccine campaigns and serves as a reference guide for conducting campaigns and administering the vaccine.
  • Guidance for Application to the OCV Stockpile
    This section advises country stakeholders on the process of preparing to request oral cholera vaccinations from the global stockpile.
  • DOVE Project Publications
    The most recent DOVE supported publications on oral cholera vaccination can be found here.

Toolkit last updated: December 05, 2018