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Training and Continuing Education in Risk Science

The Institute is committed to training and mentoring the next generation of risk professionals and those already involved in evaluating, managing, and preventing environmental health risks. 

Students in our risk science training programs come from diverse disciplines and industries, including pharmaceuticals, law, and the military as well as public interest health and environmental organizations. We offer on-site and online courses in risk science open to both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students. 

Students may take courses individually or as part of the Risk Sciences and Public Policy Certificate program, which is available both to working professionals and to students already enrolled in a degree program at Johns Hopkins.   

Meet Our Alumni  

Our graduates go on to scientific and leadership positions in corporate and nongovernmental organizations and in public health and environmental agencies worldwide.  

Sara Lupolt, PhD, MPH (She/Her)

Exposure and Risk Scientist and Food System Researcher
Bloomberg School of Public Health

Inspired by the idea of conducting community-based research and working closely with impacted communities to investigate real-world environmental health risks, Sara combined her PhD at the Bloomberg School with dual certificates in Risk Science and in Food Systems, the Environment, and Public Health. She is now one of the most active and innovative researchers at the Risk Science and Public Policy Institute. Through her work as an academic scientist, she investigates topics ranging from soil and dust ingestion to urban food systems and agriculture, food safety, and sustainability.  

“A key goal of my research is to develop and advance innovative methods for estimating and measuring human exposures to environmental, chemical, and non-chemical stressors, and I enjoy sharing the complexities of exposure assessment by training future risk scientists.”