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The Risk Sciences and Public Policy Institute at the Bloomberg School

“Is it Safe?” 

The answer isn’t always simple. From approving medical devices to responding to natural disasters, decision makers need evidence-based ways to measure and communicate health risk to protect public health.  

The risk scientists and researchers at our Institute develop, share, and apply methods to evaluate health risk in virtually any context. They also train the next generation of risk professionals to continue that work.  

Featured Project:

What’s the Best Way to Communicate Drinking Water Safety to Communities? 

The Institute worked with members of the Baltimore community and others to improve the EPA’s tap water Consumer Confidence Report. 


Academic Opportunities and Continuing Education

The Reach of Risk Scientists 

Students in our programs become essential personnel in fields from agriculture and energy to environmental protection, transportation, and the armed forces.  

About the Institute 

The Risk Sciences and Public Policy Institute is dedicated to the protection of public health through education, service, and research in risk policy. We provide scientists and decision makers with tools to ensure that environmental, worker, food, and product health and safety policies protect and prioritize public health. 

We offer education across disciplines that is designed to broaden the base of scientific knowledge underlying risk assessment, bridge the gap between environmental health science and policy, and empower decision makers to protect public health. Our activities improve the science base for risk assessment, cultivate better risk assessment methods, and enhance the risk management process.