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The Moore Center's Invitation:

A Call to Action in Response to HBO documentary Great Photo, Lovely Life.

Viewers have asked,

What can be done to 
prevent child sexual abuse in the first place?

Photo of Amanda Mustard and her mother looking at a series of photographs on a table.

In Great Photo, Lovely Life, the complicated aftermath of child sexual abuse is explored via a close-up view of one family.

The Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse was founded in response to child sexual abuse in another family. Steve and Julia Moore established the Moore Center to prevent the tragedies that occurred in their family from happening to others.

We invite you to join the Moore Center in the pursuit of child sexual abuse prevention with three calls to action:

Join us in Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

#1 - Resource Guide

Review the comprehensive resource guide for an array of resources on preventing child sexual abuse.

#2 - Help Wanted

Access or share the anonymous platform, Help Wanted, for those with an attraction for children to live a safe and harm-free life.

#3 - Support

Donate to advance the cause of child sexual abuse prevention, helping protect children from being harmed.

Thank you for your commitment
to preventing child sexual abuse.