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Podcast Malaria Minute
SEPT 2021

Partnering with the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute

Thomas partnered with the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute at the Bloomberg School of Public Health to support their mission to communicate trusted information about malaria research with audiences worldwide. We launched with the Johns Hopkins Malaria Minute, a rebrand of the Malaria Minute, to share influential advances in malaria research in 60 seconds.

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JAN 2020

Receiving Recognition from the BSA

Thomas was awarded a Gold CREST Award from the British Science Association. The CREST Scheme rewards student-led initiatives in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

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APR 2019

Broadening Our Reach

Fight Malaria partnered with MalariaWorld so that episodes of the Malaria Minute podcast could be shared on the their website to which over 10,000 malaria professionals are subscribed.

JULY 2018

Interviewing Key Stakeholders

Wanting to bring audiences closer to the people behind the fight against malaria, Thomas launched the Five Minutes podcast which interviewed key stakeholders in the malaria field. The series now has an archive of over 40 interviews with academics, fundraisers and policy-makers from around the world.

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MAR 2018

Communicating Malaria Research

With a new-found interest in malaria and global public health, Thomas considered a new project that would make malaria research more accessible. The first offering was the Malaria Minute podcast which brought listeners up to date with the latest malaria news in 60 seconds. The podcast continues today.

NOV 2016

Presenting to GSK

Having made it to the final of the competition, Thomas and Rohin presented to a panel of global health experts at the Science Museum in London. After the judges’ deliberation, Fight Malaria – the resource site – was awarded third place.

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SEPT 2016

Improving Access to Education

Borne out of a STEM competition run by GSK, Fight Malaria began as a hub of educational resources for those at risk of contracting malaria. Such resources highlighted the symptoms of malaria and methods of preventing transmission.