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Meet Jane Carlton

Jane Carlton, PhD, a biologist and leader in the field of comparative genomics, is the director of the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute. Carlton’s research is focused on using genomics—the interdisciplinary study of an organism’s complete set of genes and DNA, or genome—to further understand the biology and evolution of malaria parasites and their mosquito vectors. The goal of her work is to find and improve ways to monitor and control malaria. 

Meet Conor McMeniman

Conor McMeniman

Conor McMeniman, PhD, researches mosquitoes, focusing on their sense of smell and how they find people. Growing up in Brisbane, Australia, Conor studied virology and parasitology at the University of Queensland and became intrigued by the role mosquitoes play as an important vector for various pathogens and decided to help develop new ways of tackling mosquito-borne diseases.


Meet Photini Sinnis

Photini Sinnis

Photini Sinnis, MD, studies what happens after a disease-carrying mosquito bites and releases parasites into the human skin.  



Meet Peter Agre

Peter Agre, MD

Director Emeritus of the Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute. Expertise: Science Diplomacy

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