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Welcome Three New RCMAR Scientists

The JHAD-RCMAR is pleased to announce the selection of three new 2022-2023 Johns Hopkins University RCMAR Scientists. Each scientist received a Pilot Project Award in the amount of $30,000 for a one-year period. The three awardees are:

Julie Boron

Julie Boron, PhD (PI)

“Caregivers of People with Memory Loss: Relationships between the Built Environment and Sleep Quality in South Asian Refugees” The goal of this study is 1) to identify the ADRD and caregiving knowledge and services needed and preferred by an SA-IRM community, and 2) to help inform future developments aimed at reducing health disparities and improving individual and community environments.

A’mie Preston

A’mie Preston, PsyD (PI)

“Virtual Reality Application and Perception: Are there Differences by Race?” The goal of this project is i) to study the perception associated with use of iVR among cognitively impaired older Veterans from racially underrepresented populations. ii) To examine the overall experience of iVR use in this same population. iii) To explore the need of future iVR applications.

Rachel Wu

Rachel Wu, PhD (PI)

“Identifying Ways to Encourage Skill Learning in Low-Income Minority Older Adults” The aims of this project 1) investigate the impact of psychological barriers (e.g., motivation, subjective age) and resource barriers (e.g., learning tool, finances) on engagement in skill learning with low-income minority older adults’, 2) evaluate the impact of psychological and resource barriers to skill learning on older adults’ cognitive abilities (objective and subjective) and well-being.