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Psychometric Modeling and Evaluation

These research projects involve developing, adapting, and/or testing the reliability and validity of instruments for assessing the structure, process, and/or outcomes of health and wellbeing programs.

Psychometric Modeling and Evaluation Projects

WebMD – Validity, Reliability, and Scoring of the Senior and Adult Health Assessments (2019) 

Along with an adult health assessment (HA), WebMD developed a senior version of the assessment (Senior HA). The Institute assisted WebMD in conducting a content analysis with subject matter experts and psychometric study to test the validity and reliability of Senior HA. This included determining the scoring methodology, updating risk definitions, and reporting results to end users.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - What is the Business Case for Employers’ Investment in Healthy Communities: Improved Worker Health, Lower Medical Costs, and Higher Stock Performance? (2017-2018) 

The Institute partnered with IBM-Watson Health and HealthNEXT to study the effects of companies’ investment in their employees and communities on health and business outcomes. The Institute developed tools to assess the organizational supports, evaluated the associations between measures, and presented trends in employees’ health risks, medical expenditures, and company stock prices. 

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State of Israel Ministry of Health – Validating and Scoring of a Workplace Health Promotion Tool (2014-2015) 

The Institute worked with the State of Israel’s Ministry of Health (MOH) to strengthen and validate individual and organizational health risk assessment (HRA) tools. As part of this project, the Institute developed a scoring methodology for the HRA to provide organizations and individuals with useful feedback following survey completion. 

HERO - HERO Scorecard Validation Study (2013-2014) 

The Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) introduced the Employee Health Management (EHM) Best Practice Scorecard in 2006 to help organizations measure and improve their EHM programs. The Institute leveraged the Truven Health MarketScan Research Databases and the HERO Scorecard database to quantify the relationship between employer scores on the Scorecard and employee health and healthcare cost trends.