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Collaborate with the Center for Population Health IT

Do you have a research project in mind or population health question you want to explore? The Center is collaborative and interdisciplinary, and we welcome inquiries from potential partners in academia and industry who are committed to advancing the field of population health IT. Contact the Center Coordinator for information. 

Industry Partners 

Our Center maintains ongoing dialogue and relationships with leaders from every sector involved with health IT today. Public and private organizations work with the Center to learn best practices, share resources and talent, advance research, and disseminate products and findings.  

Data Partners 

Our Center explores the use of new digital data sources for population health. We have partnered with a number of integrated delivery systems and other organizations to explore how different types of data can be used in population health.  We are interested in exploring how new types of data sources can be used to improve predictive modeling, decision support tools, and other population health outcomes.  

Research Partners 

We routinely collaborate with individuals from institutions such as the Veterans Health Administration, the Applied Physics Lab, Kaiser Permanente and others on specific population health research projects. Collaborators can participate in research design, analysis, and manuscript development.