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For more than 30 years, the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy has redefined injury as a pressing public health problem and promoting injury research as a scientific discipline. 


The Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy is a collaborative of injury prevention experts who conduct innovative research, teach today’s practitioners and tomorrow’s leaders, and translate discoveries into effective solutions to the devastating and costly problem of injuries in our society.

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Our People

    Meet our leadership team, core faculty members, and advisors who contribute to the important work of the Center. 

    Our Work

    The Center is dedicated to closing the gap between injury research and practice to prevent injuries and ameliorate their consequences. Our efforts comprise outreach, teaching, and research across four broad topic areas:


    Translating scientific research into effective programs and policies is a central strategy to reduce the burden of injury. The Center’s robust experience and strong reputation form the foundation for our outreach work, which includes: 

    • Expert guidance to the media, policymakers, advocates, practitioners, health care providers and the public 
    • Partnerships and collaborations to inform our research and to translate research into practice 
    • Training for health professionals in the practice of injury prevention 
    • Technical assistance to agencies and organizations seeking to implement injury prevention solutions 
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    Training & Education

    Training and education are critical for the ongoing growth and development of the injury prevention and control field. Our goal is to prepare public health researchers and practitioners to become future leaders in injury prevention and control. The Center offers: 


    Our research is highly relevant to policy and program development, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination locally, nationally and internationally. 

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    30th Anniversary

    We’ve been working for 30 years to close the gap between injury research and practice to prevent injury. Learn more our Center’s pioneering past and promising future.