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Gender Equity/GBV Evidence Accelerator Fellowship Courses


Selected coursework is offered through Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Estimated time commitment is 10 hours weekly on average, up to 20 hours/week during course weeks. 

Course Offerings

Course Name and Number (if applicable)





Applications to Gender Analysis Within Health Research and Interventions (221.701.79)

June 3 - 6 Online Rosemary Morgan 2

Gender-Based Violence Research, Practice and Policy (380.613.79)

June 10 - 14 Online

Michele Decker

Anaise Williams


Women's Health: Disparities and Equity Implications (380.609.79)

June 24 - 27 Online Shannon Wood 2
LinkedIn Course: Introduction to STATA 15 Click to learn more  --- Online --- ---

International Perspectives on Women, Gender, and Health (380.669.79)

July 15 - 19 Online Anaise Williams 2
Epidemiologic Inference in Public Health I Click to learn more June 10 - 28 Online Daniel Antiporta Penaloza 5