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About Us

Pharmaceuticals play a vital role in the health and longevity of millions, yet many challenges prevent their optimal use. The goal of the Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness is to improve the safe and effective use of medications.

Drawing on the combined expertise of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of  Public Health and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the Center serves as a nexus for individuals at Johns Hopkins who are involved in research, education, clinical programs and public service to improve prescription drug use and pharmaceutical policy in the United States and around the world. The unparalleled knowledge base of the Center’s core faculty reflects a diversity of fields, ranging from pharmacovigilance to regulatory policy.

In addition to its work with trainees and junior faculty and involvement with Johns Hopkins Medicine initiatives, the Center is actively initiating partnerships and collaborations with a variety of other stakeholders vested in addressing core problem areas ranging from prescription drug abuse to barriers to accessible and affordable medicines in developing countries.

The Center was launched in October 2012 and is co-directed by  G. Caleb Alexander, MD, MS and Jodi Segal, MD, MPH.