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Let's find autism answers

The Bloomberg School established the Wendy Klag Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities to promote autism research and education about the origins, detection, measurement, and factors that affect behavioral, socioemotional, and cognitive development. We also evaluate services and policies that support affected children and their families.

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While each diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder begins a family’s search for answers, the Wendy Klag Center for Autism & Developmental Disabilities sees the bigger picture, bringing together world-class faculty and partners to examine key questions about autism on a population level.

Our Center works to:

  • Promote educational opportunities through support of new courses, practicum experiences, and research assistant positions to ultimately build a larger cadre of public health professionals with expertise in autism and developmental disabilities
  • Provide a forum for speakers and working groups focused on autism and developmental disabilities
  • Serve as a liaison for intra-university, local, and state partnerships
  • Stimulate and energize current faculty and students in the adoption of a multi-pronged approach that builds upon the school's multidisciplinary strengths
  • Attract new faculty and students with interest in autism and developmental disabilities to the Bloomberg School

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Our donors and funders

Contributions in memory of Wendy Schagen Klag foster innovative faculty and student projects that generate pilot data. These small studies can be leveraged into larger research projects. Our funders also include the NIH, the CDC, nonprofit groups, and individual philanthropies. Make a gift.