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Who's Who At SHARE

Administrative Staff

The Administrative staff is responsible for scheduling participant visits, sendng reminder and thank you letters, coordinating recuit of new study participants, following up with study participants regarding laboratory results and updating data, developing and implementing protocols for new studies, obtaining medical records, collecting and maintaining data, participating and facilitating our Community Advisory Board, as well as arranging special projects and activities.         

Clinic Staff

The Clinic staff is responsible for conducting interviews with study participants, performing physical and neuropschological examinations, ensuring that study-related forms and documents are accurate and complete, coordinating phlebotomy, providing refresements, parking vouchers and financial incentives.

Laboratory Staff

The SHARE study maintains three laboratories - Flow Cytometry, Immunology and Serology.  Laboratory staff are responsible for performing phlebotomy (blood draws) during SHARE clinic, processing and testing specimens to measure (HIV) positivity, viral load, T-cell counts, and if hepatitis is present.  In addition, they are responsible for ensuring that specimens are accurately labeled and processed exactly according to established protocols.