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Our Founders

Steve and Julia Moore

Thank you for visiting the website of the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.

I am an alumnus of the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins, and completed my preventive medicine residency at the school. My wife Julia and I are the founding donors for the Center, and we want to briefly share the reason why we started the Center, why we named it as we did, and what our hope is for the future.

My grandfather, Clem Moore, was a pedophile and, as such, he harmed many children including many members of my family. The harm done to children through CSA does not confine itself to childhood, and my family has suffered from the lifetime complications that CSA survivors must often endure such as substance abuse, intimacy and trust issues, and major mood disorders, including bipolar disorder and major depression. Within the Moore family, we always knew that we could not undo the harm inflicted by my grandfather on children, but we have always taken solace in knowing that we could stop the cycle of abuse from recurring and impacting future generations.

In using our family name to name the Moore Center, we want to move away from the secrecy and shame of CSA. Our name represents many of those harmed by CSA, a perpetrator (my grandfather), survivors, family members, and unharmed future generations. By creating the Moore Center, our goal is to help stop the cycle of abuse, and thereby prevent the lifelong pain and injury created by CSA.

We are grateful to the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins for bringing expertise to help better understand the causes and risk factors of CSA, and to help create prevention-based interventions that will spare future generations from ever experiencing the lifelong harm of CSA. We hope you share our vision.

Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Julia Moore, MPH ‘93