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Director’s Message

Elizabeth Letourneau at podium

At the Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse we are committed to preventing child sexual abuse.

We recognize that everyone shares in the responsibility for prevention and everyone benefits when children remain safe from abuse.

The Center pursues its mission through targeted endeavors in five key areas: research, education, communications, advocacy, and policy. We collaborate with a broad coalition of stakeholders including child sexual abuse survivors and their advocates and allies, help seekers and others with relevant lived experience, policy makers, practitioners, funders, and law enforcement.

In addition to supporting efforts to prevent child sexual abuse, we support the healing of survivors, treatment for those who have caused harm, and efforts to ensure justice for all. We recognize the right of all children to grow up free from abuse in safe, stable, and nurturing environments.

Join us in our aim of ensuring a childhood free from abuse.


Elizabeth J. Letourneau, PhD
Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse