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Who We Are: About the Moore Center

Our Mission

The Moore Center for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse’s mission is to prevent child sexual abuse through targeted endeavors in five key areas: research, education, communications, advocacy, and policy. To effect change, we collaborate with a broad coalition of stakeholders, including survivors of child sexual abuse and their advocates and allies, help seekers and others with relevant lived experience, policy makers, practitioners, funders, and law enforcement. We support efforts to ensure not only the prevention of child sexual abuse, but also the healing of survivors, treatment for those who have caused harm, and efforts to ensure justice for all. We recognize the right of all children to grow up free from abuse.

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Our Vision

Our vision is a world without child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse is a preventable, not inevitable, public health problem. We believe that everyone shares the responsibility for prevention, and everyone benefits when children remain safe from abuse.

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Our Founders

The Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse was founded in 2012 with a courageous and generous gift from Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Julia Moore.

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Our Partners

The Center works closely with other organizations such as The Brave Movement and Keep Kids Safe who share our mission and are committed to protecting children through evidence-driven policy and public health practice. 

Our Strategy: The RECAP Framework 

From clean water to safe housing to near-universal immunization, established public health practices dating back to the mid-19th century have delivered longer life, better health, and higher quality of living in communities around the world. The same techniques can be applied to preventing child sexual abuse, following five fundamental steps that have been applied to public health challenges across the U.S. and around the world: 

  • Research to advance the primary prevention of child sexual abuse, including the development and rigorous evaluation of prevention interventions 

  • Education for and from policymakers, funders, advocates, educators, health and social service practitioners, media, parents, and other stakeholders 

  • Communication that delivers clear, unbiased, objective information on all aspects of child sexual abuse, including victimization, perpetration, and prevention 

  • Advocacy that secures resources and support for evidence-based policies and practices that prevent child sexual abuse 

  • Policy efforts that support effective approaches to child sexual abuse prevention