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Reports, Memos, Policy Blogs

Explore the JHDAAI scholarly research reports, policy memos and health policy blogs.

Research reports:

  • "The Pandemic and the Supply Chain:  Addressing Gaps in Pharmaceutical Production and Distribution"
    Joshua Choe, Matthew Crane, Jeremy Greene, Jingmiao Long, Joelynn Mwanga, Joshua Sharfstein, Mariana Socal, Rachel Strodel
    PDF Formatted File Here

Policy memos:

  • "Monitoring Price Hikes and Utilization of Off-Patent Drugs"
    Mariana Socal, Pavan Patel, Jeromie Ballreich, Gerard Anderson
    To:  Joshua Auerbach, Assistant Maryland Attorney General, September 2017
  • "Hepatitis C in Louisiana:  Recommendations on Drug Availability"
    Joshua Sharfstein, Gerard Anderson, Jeromie Ballreich, Hannah Brennan, Jeremy Greene, Madeline Jackson, Amy Kapczynski, Aaron Kesselheim, Joy Lee, Aditi Sen, Antonio Trujillo
    To:  Rebekah E. Gee, MD MPH, Secretary of Health State of Louisiana, May 2017

Health policy blogs: