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Johns Hopkins and its associated schools are home to over eighty highly esteemed centers and institutions in a multitude of health fields. Below are organizations at Johns Hopkins that are closely linked with the Johns Hopkins CERSI, providing expertise and training in a variety of important subjects related to regulatory science.

  • The Center for Clinical Trials is devoted to the promotion of clinical trials to evaluate preventive, therapeutic and diagnostic health interventions.
  • The Evidence-based Practice Center produces comprehensive systematic reviews of important medical topics using interdisciplinary teams that integrate clinical expertise with expertise in evidence-based methods, including meta-analysis, decision analysis, benefit-harms analysis, and cost-effectiveness analysis.
  • The Center for Drug Safety and Effectiveness seeks to improve the safe and effective use of medications by bringing together researchers at Johns Hopkins to accomplish a fourfold mission – training, research, patient care and public service – towards best medication practices.
  • The Institute for Global Tobacco Control works to prevent death and disease from tobacco products by generating evidence to support effective tobacco control interventions.
  • The Center for Communication Programs focuses on inspiring health behaviors worldwide through social and behavior change communication, knowledge management, capacity strengthening, and research and evaluation.
  • The Center for a Livable Future works to promote research and to develop and communicate information about the complex interrelationships among diet, food production, environment and human health, to advance an ecological perspective in reducing threats to the health of the public and to promote policies that protect health, the global environment and the ability to sustain life for future generations.

The above list includes just some of the Johns Hopkins Centers that focus on issues relevant to the work of this CERSI and the FDA mission. For a full list of centers and institutes at Johns Hopkins as well as affiliated programs, please visit the official directory.