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Welcome to Our Center

Thank you for visiting the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Disparities Solutions. The Disparities Solutions Center is dedicated to exploring the “place-based” factors that contribute to disparities in health, healthcare use and healthcare outcomes.  Our studies seek to identify and promulgate policies, practices, and programs that can reduce disparities and promote health equity. 

Our faculty focuses on the health and healthcare needs of vulnerable populations, including racial and ethnic minorities, persons of low socioeconomic status, sexual and gender minorities and persons residing in rural areas. The Disparities Solutions Center conducts national observational studies and evaluates community-based intervention. Promoting health equity is an important value that should be considered in every decision made in our healthcare and public health systems. 

We invite you to join this effort. Please click here to contact us or to make a gift to get involved.

Take care,

Darrell J. Gaskin, PhD MS

Richardson Professor and Director

Headshot of Dr. Darrell Gaskin