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Center for Climate-Smart Transportation

Making Climate Change the Center of Every Transportation Decision 

The Center for Climate-Smart Transportation (CCST) is a Tier 1 University Transportation Center funded by the Department of Transportation.  CCST is a consortium of six Institutions including Johns Hopkins University (lead institution), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Texas at Austin, University of Utah, Morgan State University (MSU), and Dine College


The Center for Climate-Smart Transportation (CCST)’s research, education, leadership and technology transfer programs and activities are inspired by the urgent call for an evidence-based research agenda that goes beyond scientific merits, focuses on solutions and is practice-ready and would result in changes in transportation policy and practice, making climate change the center of transportation decisions as emphasized in the USDOT Strategic Plan Goals and the USDOT Climate Action Plan: Revitalizing Efforts to Bolster Adaptation & Increase Resilience. CST contributes to this vision in the following focus areas:

  1. Promoting Climate Culture in All Levels of Transportation Decisions
  2. Community-Centered Solutions to Environmental Justice
  3. Accelerating the Mass Market Adoption of EVs & Alternative Fuels
  4. Reducing VMT & GHG via Modal Shift and Changes in Travel Behavior
  5. Smart Cities & Innovative Adaptation and Mitigation Technologies