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Student Opportunities in Adolescent Health

The Center for Adolescent Health is committed to training and mentoring the public health researchers of tomorrow. Through graduate degree programs, research opportunities in adolescent health, and jobs with the Center, graduate-level students can build skills and contribute to community-based prevention research. 

Graduate Programs in Adolescent Health

Dr, Terri Powell, center, poses with her Better Together team of graduate students.

Several graduate-level programs at the Bloomberg School provide opportunities to focus on adolescent health, including the school-wide Master of Public Health and Doctor of Public Health programs.  

 Students can also apply for the Master of Health Science (MHS), Master of Science in Public Health, or PhD programs in the Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health.  

 MHS and PhD programs are also available through the Department of Mental Health, where students can request to work with a mentor who studies adolescent health. 

Additional opportunities include the Adolescent Health Certificate program and an MPH with a child and adolescent health concentration.  

Adolescent Health Research Opportunities

The Center has both paid and research-for-credit opportunities for students interested in adolescent health and disease prevention research.  

Reach out directly to our faculty researchers in your area of interest or contact the Center for more information. 

JHSPH graduate student attends a lecture.