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Trina Brooks Joins State's Citizen Review Board for Children


The JHSPH Center for Adolescent Health's Director of Community Engagement Trina Brooks, MPH, has been appointed to the State of Maryland's Citizens Review Board for Children (CRBC) to represent Baltimore City Northwest.

The CRBC provides oversight to Maryland's child protection agency and trains volunteer citizen panels to aid in child protection efforts.

"It is personally and professionally important that our work creates impact for the one child, but also impacts systems in the decision-making done that impacts Baltimore’s population of youth and young adults. In addition to being part of the decisions that inform the family court system and supports under foster care, CRBC is a strong advocate for policy and practice change that better serves our most vulnerable children and youth," Brooks said. "I believe that the CRBC Mission, to conduct case reviews of children in out-of-home care, make timely individual case and systemic recommendations; and advocate for legislative and systematic child welfare improvements to promote safety and permanency is very complimentary to the Center’s mission, to promote health equity and well-being for youth through connection and collaboration with a diverse network of young people and community and academic partners on public health research, education, policy, and practice. These young people represent some of the most marginalized and vulnerable of Baltimore’s youth population. It’s extremely important that they are not forgotten and left unprovided for. The Center is a wellspring of information about healthy adolescent development. Opportunities such as this help us to share that knowledge and help to hold us accountable to our community by serving, supporting and learning how to best use our seat at the table. I hope to serve as an asset, advocate and ally in the collective work of protecting and serving adolescents impacted by trauma."