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Dr. Powell Named Center Associate Director


Dr. Terri W. Powell has been appointed the Associate Director of the Center of Adolescent Health (CAH), where she will lead the center’s Training Core and oversee diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Powell shares Associate Director duties with Dr. Beth Marshall, who leads the center’s Research Core.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Dr. Powell to the leadership team at CAH,” said CAH Director Dr. Tamar Mendelson. “She has a long history of working within CAH and has helped make the Center what it is today. She also has years of experience doing community-based work with youth in diverse setting including schools, churches, and libraries. As Vice Chair for Inclusion, Diversity, Antiracism, and Equity (IDARE), she will help deepen the Center’s use of an equity lens in all that we do.”

Dr. Powell is a Bloomberg Professor of American Health, and within the Bloomberg School of Public Health she serves as the Vice Chair for Inclusion, Diversity, Anti-Racism and Equity and Faculty Director of the MCH Postdoctoral training program within the Population, Family, and Reproductive Health Department; and is the Faculty Director for the Brown Scholars and Health Equity Scholars Program.

“The Center has been my home for over a decade. I love it here! Over the years, I’ve supported the center in lots of ways including research, community engagement, training, and dissemination,” Dr. Powell said. “Being invited to be on the leadership team is such a treat! As an Assistant Director, I’ll focus on continuing our strong training efforts, designing and implementing policies for standard operations, as well as ensuring that our equity principles are upheld in all we do.”

CAH also welcomes Dr. Annie Smith to its faculty as an Assistant Scientist. Dr. Smith received her doctorate recently from the Bloomberg School.

“We are so excited to welcome Dr. Annie Smith as faculty in the center,” said CAH Assistant Director Dr. Beth Marshall. “Dr. Smith has worked closely with Center faculty during her time at Hopkins as a student. She will continue to work on several projects focused on the implementation comprehensive sexual health education and care programs and the translation of research to practice focused on trauma informed and inclusive approaches in these programs.”