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Contact Tracing

Recruitment and Staffing of Contact Tracing Programs

Guidance Documents

CDC: Roles and Responsibilities of Key Public Health Staff to Support COVID-19 Case Investigation & Contact Tracing

Describes the roles and responsibilities of key public health staff involved in contact tracing.

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CDC: Staffing and Support

List of staffing and support from the CDC and other organizations.

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Resolve to Save Lives: COVID-19 Contact Tracing Playbook

Describes important considerations in staffing needs and workforce assessments. Includes sample job descriptions for various positions.

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CDC: COVIDTracer 1.0

Spreadsheet-based tool that estimates the potential effectiveness of contact tracing strategies and the workforce needed for each strategy.

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The George Washington University: Contact Tracing Workforce Estimator

Web application that estimates the number of contact tracers for each state based on expected case counts and workforce capacity. Includes an Spreadsheet-based international version of the tool.

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Resolve to Save Lives: Contact tracing staffing calculator

Spreadsheet-based tool that estimates the workforce needed.

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