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Sofía Braunstein


As the daughter of an Argentine mother and Jewish-American father, Sofía grew up with a vivid awareness of human rights. Her understanding became deeply personal after certain experiences led her to help establish Unite Against Sexual Assault at Yale, a student-led sexual assault advocacy organization.

Through her activism, she learned the power of numbers, both in the form of collective action and data—a lesson that has continuously shaped her approach to public health.

“Reproductive freedom is a core tenet of health as a human right.”

When she first heard about reproductive justice her senior year, her world view not so much shifted as fell into place. Sofía began to see her work leading up to that point—sexual assault activism, research on child health in Ecuador and violence against Sub-Saharan migrant women in Morocco—in the context of advocating for bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom. After graduating in 2018, she began volunteering as a Spanish-language case manager for the D.C. Abortion Fund—a position she still holds to this day.

Sofía decided to pursue an MPH to advance her work in reproductive justice, advocating for health equity from the individual to the systems level. At the Bloomberg School, she plans to acquire the technical skills she needs to develop community-involved solutions for sexual and reproductive health in Latin America and the U.S.

 “I subscribe to a more radical sense of change, imagining new realities for reproductive justice,” she says. “I view this MPH as an opportunity to learn new tools for research and advocacy, while drawing from my real-world experiences.”

Profile photo of Sofia Braunstein

BA, Molecular Biology and Global Studies, Yale University, 2018