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Welcome to our brand new website. We’re still fine-tuning things. If you experience any issues or would like to provide feedback, please contact us.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Submission Tracking (PHIRST)


PHIRST (Public Health Institutional Review Submission and Tracking) is a web-based system used by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Institutional Review Board (JHSPH IRB) as a portal for all new human subjects research applications.

PHIRST (PHIRST2.0): PHIRST users who have JHED IDs will be able to log into PHIRST without registering: all other users will need to follow the instructions for registration. All new applications and subsequent further applications must come through the PHIRST system. We have retained a link to the Old PHIRST ( for people who need access to old study documents.

Transition of Old PHIRST studies : Applications approved in Old PHIRST will have a “shell” in the new system that will facilitate transition to the new system. These shells can be populated with currently approved study documents, and once all the questions are completed, be submitted to the JHSPH IRB. (See the Completing Study Shells User Guide).The IRB will check the application over and activate it. Once activated, Principal Investigators will submit all future continuing review/progress reports, amendments, etc. through PHIRST. Log in to new PHIRST:

While we transition to PHIRST2.0, these PHIRST FAQs may help you plan your study submissions. Contact with your questions.

For questions or problems with the PHIRST registration process or the information in the PHIRST User Guide, researchers can contact the PHIRST Help Desk at