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Value of Immunization Compendium of Evidence (VoICE)

The Value of Immunization Compendium of Evidence (VoICE) is a searchable database of peer-reviewed evidence demonstrating the broad benefits of immunization across topics including health, equity, economics, health security, and disease outbreaks. This resource is designed to provide child health and immunization advocates, researchers, and decision makers with highly credible scientific evidence and messaging on the wide-ranging benefits of immunization.

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The site’s Knowledge Hub contains brief summaries of peer-reviewed research on the benefits of immunization. Users can apply filters to find vaccine evidence based on country, region, disease, or topic. Summaries are continuously added to the site through a rigorous search of the latest evidence.

VoICE also contains Evidence Briefs, which synthesize the available research on immunization-related topics, providing concise insights for advocacy messaging. These briefs translate scientific articles into more easily understandable messages about a variety of issues, such as the impact of climate change on vaccine-preventable diseases, how vaccines can combat antimicrobial resistance, and the economic returns of immunization investments.