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Screengrab from pneumo nepal website shares the health, programmatic, and economic results of the Gavi-supported introduction of PCV10 in Nepal. The website features results from six research studies being carried out at six sites in Nepal by a group of investigators. These findings represent some of the first data on pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) impact in Asia and are important for other countries with a high burden of childhood pneumonia and pneumococcal disease.

The University of Oxford and the International Vaccine Access Center created the website to share results as they are generated to ensure that:

  • Policy makers in Nepal and other Asian countries have evidence to support vaccine decisions without waiting for the publication of study results in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Gavi’s program staff and financial supporters (e.g. individual donors and major donor country decision-makers) have evidence in support of the value of vaccination in general and the Gavi model specifically – especially as Gavi prepares for financial replenishment in 2020.
  • Users with varying technical backgrounds can quickly and easily understand the impact PCV is having in Nepal, because the information on the website is displayed in simple but compelling and interactive data visualizations.

Learn more by visiting  today.